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Powerspots are high vibrating and strong magnetic places, which will give automatically healing when we simply walk on them. They have hidden mechanisms of creation and ancient technologies contributing to the success of the development of the consciousness and steps of enlightenment.

Especially for the development of our soul and the spiritual success is the visit of such places  essential. Sri Kaleshwar often spoke of the necessity to visit special power spots.

'Some lands, certain places, like Sri Sailam, Tirupati, Shirdi, Penukonda, Israel, Mecca, have huge earth energy. If someone goes there, without their notice, without thinking about it, they’re feeling huge vibrations. There, the earth is highly powerful, that air is powerful, that wind, the cloudy nature is very powerful. That land is giving high electric energy. Electricity vibrations

-Sri Kaleshwar

The hidden knowledge of India is sacred and profound. The ancient scriptures say that the saints of India (Siddhas) traveled the world and influenced the culture of China, Greece, Rome, ancient Persia, and Central and South America.

Traveling to India for yourself and experiencing the transforming energy of this land is considered by many to be one of the deepest experiences of their lives. On this journey of power, you will experience this power, which on the levels of the soul, the heart, and the mind, will bring about a profound change in you.


India is a country like no other, in which there are more power spots, temples and saints than in all countries of the world together. For thousands of years, India has attracted travelers from all over the world and they have returned enriched with knowledge and experience to their home countries.


Power spots are energetic high swinging, magnetic places, which automatically can set healing on entering. Within them are hidden mechanisms of creation and age-old technologies that contribute to significant success in the development of the consciousness of creation and levels of enlightenment. Especially for the further development of our soul, visiting such places is essential for spiritual success. Sri Kaleshwar has often talked about the need to visit power spots.

'Previously when the supernatural saints came here, they stopped in front of the land with their boat, did special prayers, then stepped on the land. They got the power and left. India has that incredible energy. The persons who have real capability and who have a really good master who is showing a good direction to them, no doubt they will get an unbelievable blessing from India. I’m telling the truth about the greatness of this land.´ - Sri Kaleshwar



Penukonda is a sacred place of power, distinguished by its historical connection to thousands of saints and divine souls. During his reign, the king and saint Krishnadevaraya, the most powerful king in Indian history, lived amongst other things in Penukonda. He and the great Rishis, who were part of his entourage, were protectors of the ancient knowledge. On this sacred ground today is Swami Kaleshwar's Ashram, in close proximity to the Royal Palace and within the walls of the old fortress.

"Penukonda is the birthplace of Mother Divine. Mother Divine first came into form on this planet, the same place where we built the ashram. The beginning point of everything is in Penukonda. This is the place. 


This Penukonda fort is so powerful. The fort is 1500 to 2000 years old. Tenali Ramakrishna7 took a promise from Mother Divine that She had to stay in this fort for 1000 years. She is keeping Her word. 


Buddha, Shirdi Baba and Jesus all meditated and connected to Mother Divine in Penukonda."

-Sri Kaleshwar