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Awaken your

soul fire

14 Day Meditation- & Power journey to India
June 27th - July 11th, 2020 
Meditationsreise, spirituelle Reise, Heilreise, Indienreise, Meditation, Sri Kaleshwar, Meditation
Meditationsreise, spirituelle Reise, Heilreise, Indienreise, Meditation, Sri Kaleshwar, Meditation
Meditationsreise, spirituelle Reise, Heilreise, Indienreise, Meditation, Sri Kaleshwar, Meditation

"Brahma-Brahma-Consciousness. Forget about your heart, forget about your mind, forget about your breath, just directly connecting to your Brahma-Consciousness. Heart is different. Mind is different. Your breathing energy is different. Your Brahma-Consciousness is different. That is the top one. Somewhere, some energy is hidden in you, more than your heart. That is your Brahma-Consciousness. That is your master. That is your real sadguru, Guru Guru Paramaguru.


The Guru Parampara is the lineage of the gurus all the way to the primordial guru, Dattatreya. Guru Purnima is the most powerful full moon of the year dedicated to the Guru Parampara."

- Sri Kaleshwar


GURU PURNIMA - Awaken your soul fire

From all 365 days a year, the Guru Purnima day is a very special day to receive the blessings from the Master, the lineage of the masters up to the Guru Parampara. On this day the energy of the masters is particularly powerful. At that time, the illusions have no chance to disturb us. That is why this day is called Guru Purnima - the Guru's full moon. Through the grace of the Divine Mother, the Masters can bless us to the highest degree.
This power journey 'Guru Purnima' takes place at this special time quality of the year. So it is a time when we can open the doors to our soul in our hearts to receive the gifts of Divine Grace through the divine lineage of Sri Kaleshwar, Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus Christ, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Ramana Maharshi. The highlight of our trip will be Mahakali at the Dakshineshwar Temple, in West Bengal. It is the place where Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Master of Swami Vivekananda, worshiped the Divine Mother in the form of Mahakali for 12 years. Through specific meditation processes, he awakened his soul fire and gradually increased his soul capacity. Then he got physical darshan of the divine mother. According to Sri Kaleshwar, he communicated daily with the holy cosmic mother and cultivated a lively relationship with her. We want to connect - with the blessing of the masters - with this cosmic primeval fire and draw its energy into our hearts.




"The Primordial Power is ever at play. She is creating, preserving, and destroying in play, as it were. This Power is called Kāli. Kāli is verily Brahman, and Brahman is verily Kāli. It is one and the same Reality.  


I am the machine and She is the Operator. I am the house and She is the Indweller. I am the chariot and She is the Charioteer. I move as She moves me; I speak as She speaks through me."


- Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

The journey begins on June 27th, from Bangalore Airport, India; lasts 14 days and ends on July 11th, 2020 in Bangalore, India.

On our power journey we will visit 3 powerspots in India: Shirdi in Maharashtra; Penukonda in Andhra Pradesh as well as the Dakshineshwar temple in Calcutta,  West Bengal.

You will receive a detailed travel itinerary by  email

General information about powerspots can be found here.


Kopie von götter und heilige (YouTube-Videokapitel)_edited.png
We use this special time to receive the blessings of the Masters and the Guru Parampara in our hearts. The focus of this journey will be the deepest inner purification of our soul, - the purification of deep-seated illusions and belief systems that prevent us from experiencing true joy of our life. In addition to daily meditation, the journey is accompanied by an in-depth process of devotion practices.
Mahakali was created from all energies in one form. Mahakali means everything is there - Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara, Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati, all rishis, all devatas, all angels. Everything is one soul.
Once you're worshipping Mahakali, then you're worshipping everybody. Whoever connects to Mahakali can connect to any soul on this planet.
For you to pull that form all the time to you, you have to be the most peaceful totally sattvic person. Otherwise no. Not carrying any selfish blocks in you. If you're carrying any selfish blocks, except aching in your heart for the Divine, it's not that easy to pull Her with you all the time. This is super important. You have to be like that. You don't want anything

except your master's love, Guru Parampara's love. Then even if you still have fear, even if you don't want Her, She's your slave. I'm serious. Baba is your slave. You can do wonders using Baba. But how much are you crystal clear? To become crystal clear, you have to program yourself and be determined, dedicated."

- Sri Kaleshwar
We will use the high vibrations of the individual powerspots and power objects through the use of pin codes in order to charge and lift our soul. This activates the self-healing powers and starts a great transformation and healing process.

Our wish and goal is to travel to these places to receive the blessings of the Masters and of the Great Mother, Mahakali, in our hearts through our dedication.

Indienreise, Heilreise, Spirituelle Reise, Meditationsreise, Meditation Reise, Erleuchtung, Sri Kaleshwar, altes Wissen, Palmblattwissen
In addition, we will learn the knowledge and mechanisms of the individual powerspots and their spiritual history. In particular, we will receive powerful healing mantras that will help us to build up and maintain our energetic immune system even after the trip. 
In addition, we will learn meditation techniques and mantras from the ancient palm leaf manuscripts and apply them regularly. Daily mantra meditation and receiving knowledge, especially knowledge as taught by Sri Kaleshwar, will be an integral part of the journey: 

Knowledge & Meditation

  • Knowledge  of Mantra-meditation

  • Knowledge of powerspots and powerobjects   

  • Initiation and direct experiences in specific Pin Codes 

  • Receive your individual power object 

  • powerful Abisheks, firepujas 

  • Satsangs, shared Experiences

  • one-to-one energy transmission (Shaktipat)

  • daily Mantra-meditation

  • Telecall before and after the Journey, optional: a pre-preparation meditation process before the journey starts  

Individual sessions during the trip can be offered on request.

Our group will consist of 5 - 9 participants. The trip is suitable for everyone who wants to experience deep soul healing. It is suitable for beginners who like to start with mantra meditation and want to be guided professionally. This trip is just as interesting for advanced learners to get deeper into the mechanisms of power spots and power objects.


It is possible to get a personal power spot during the Guru Purnima program in Penukonda. This is a special process with special rules from the knowledge system of Sri Kaleshwar. You can get more information on this on personal request.

Tara Gräfe, Sri Kaleshwar

You can look forward to an experienced and humorous travel companion who will empathize with you in challenging transformation processes.


During numerous power journey to southern and northern India, I have been able to guide people to a wide variety of power spots and accompany them on their individual path of development.


I look forward to getting to know you and on a Journey together.


June 27th, 2020 -
July 11th, 2020
14 Days
 domestic flights
 bed & breakfast
Travel guide
Transportation India
GP Penukonda Fee
2.700 Euro
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