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27.11.2014 the India visa was provided on arrival, which must be requested before departure in Germany. It has since been renamed "e-tourist visa (etv)". The entry permit is issued online in Germany. Made in Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Mumbai or Trivandrum. The India Visa on Arrival is limited to a stay of only 30 days and can not be extended locally in India. You can enter this visa type only once and you do not have to go directly after an exit. The visa India is issued upon arrival for a maximum of twice a year.

 The application and therefore the online registration for the e-visa must be completed at least four days before entry. The costs amount to 60, - US-Dollar. The fees are paid by credit card. If the payment was successful, you will receive your electronic entry permit by e-mail. This must be presented upon arrival at the airport, so that the residence permit can be stuck directly into the passport.


In principle, no Indian currency may be imported or exported. So please do not exchange any currency in advance in Germany.grundsätzlich 



Mandatory vaccinations for India travel there are none. However, if you feel the impulse to get vaccinated, you should go after it. The following vaccinations would then be recommended: tetanus, hepatitis A and B. In addition, as a prophylactic malaria. After my own experience and 7 years in India, I have so far got along without vaccinations. Everyone should make that decision for themselves. What this should be in detail, discuss best with your doctor.

We ask everyone to take care of his health. If you have problems with spicy Indian food, please bring along some of your favorite snacks (cereal bars, protein bars, etc.). Ask at your local pharmacy for a first aid kit for India. If you already have medicine for various symptoms (such as diarrhea or fever), bring it with you. Only drink packaged filter water and / or drinks from sealed bottles.

Bring along

We recommend that you bring along the following to ensure a pleasant stay:

- Meditation cushion or meditation seat, if you need it 

- necessary medicines and vitamins

- Umbrella or rain cape 

- flashlight

- Mosquito protection

- Ziplog bags

- Ohropax

- Red bindis (adhesive bindis or liquid color) for the ladies

- Punjabis (for women and men)

- Notepad and pen


Health- and travel insurance

Travel medical insurance and travel insurance must be taken out for travel abroad. You will receive the corresponding information with your travel booking.


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